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The influence of belly dancing in postpartum women with urinary incontinence

Ana Paula de Magalhães Picanço1; Carolina Zambom Degen2; Raquel Coutinho Pompermeyer3

Received on 19 May 2017

Belly dancing allows different movements so that can help to prevent the occurrence of urinary problems in women who have recently given birth vaginally. Considering this fact, this study aimed to verify the influence of postpartum women with urinary incontinence problem. One of the authors, who has experience in belly dancing, observed in this dance a new potential technique for the prevention of the disease and a expressive occurrence of urinary incontinence in women who had normal birth. This happens as a result of great aggression to muscles, fascia, nerves and tendons, causing various impacts such as embarrassment, depression, social reclusion, among others. The results showed that the patient’s urinary incontinence reduced the urinary incontinence in one patient and eliminated the dysfunction in another. These findings confirm the benefits of this technique in the activation of the pelvic muscles and, therefore, in the improvement or cure of urinary incontinence. Considering that the research sample was not extensive enough, it is suggested that new studies be spearheaded so that an effective proof of the technique´s effectiveness.

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