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Current Edition: v.3, n.2 2017


  • Integrative and complementary practices in health: Reiki and quality of life in mastectomized women Monica Mendes Maia; Raquel C. Luciano Pompermayer; Luciana C. Machado Sogame

    The diagnosis of breast cancer is experienced as a moment of immense anguish, suffering, anxiety and stress. This mental state influences the quality of sleep as well as quality of life. Objective: To verify the benefits of Reiki as an integrative and complementary practice in the levels of stress, anxiety, quality of sleep and life […]

  • WOMEN’S HEALTH AS PUBLIC POLICIES Helaine Marla Ferreira, Maria Diana Cerqueira Sales

    ABSTRACT: The study aims to assess the health of women and their career as a public policy. In Brazil, the politics of health care, the woman still being built, and even the occurrence of a mobilization of various social and public agents is necessary, in order to implement new public health policies aimed at women […]

  • A study of memantine effects on nuclear volume of CA1 hippocampal neurons in adult rats Nyam Florencio da Silva;José Guilherme Pinheiro Pires;Henrique de Azevedo Futuro Neto

    Objective: Neurodegenerative diseases cause serious morbidity and mortality, especially with the advance of aging world population leading to the need for the development of drugs with neuroprotective action. Therefore, in the present work we evaluated the effects of treatment with memantine, an NMDA receptor blocker, on the nuclear volume of CA1 hippocampal neurons in adult […]

  • Masked Hypertension Prevalence and Non-Dipping Blood Pressure in Diabetics in a Hospital at Vitória/ES Osmar Araújo Calil; Afonso Dalmazio Souza Mario, Fernando Augusto Rozário Garcia; Renan Barreto da Silva Caminha; Luccas José Krause Binda;Luiz Fernando Machado Barbosa; Juliana Castiglioni Frizera; Renato Giestas Serpa;Roberto Ramos Barbosa;Tiago De Melo Jacques;

    Bases: non-dipping blood pressure profile (NDBPP) and masked hypertension (MH) are associated with higher risk of injury on target organ. Purpose: to analyze the prevalence of masked hypertension and non-dipping blood pressure profile in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Method: 41 patients were associated with T2DM, 20 normotensive composed group A, and 21 […]

  • Public Policies at Food and Nutrition’s Area: Background to “Zero Hunger” (Fome Zero). Zieli Marcolino de Melo; Angela Maria Caulyt Santos da Silva; Débora Dummer Meira; Álvaro Armando Carvalho de Morais; Maria Diana Cerqueira Sales

    Abstract: Public policies seek to promote citizenship leading to access of social rights. It’s government’s duty to correct the inequalities, ensuring to people its social rights. This article aims to identify Public Policies at food and nutrition’s area as the background to “Zero Hunger” (Fome Zero) Program. It was realized a bibliografic search at articles and […]

  • Analysis of quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis Mariângela Braga Pereira Nielsen; Glesiane Justino Ferreira; Letícia Marotto; Nádia Iara Vieira dos Santos Ferreira

    Purpose: Characterize the epidemiological profile of patients with MS and verify the interference of physical therapy on quality of life of these individuals, analyzing the quality of life in patients with MS before and after physical therapy intervention. Method: Pre-and post-intervention physiotherapeutic evaluation was used with the application of the Functional Determination of Quality of […]

  • The systematization nursing care and work of nurses to patients with myocardial infarction Janaína Leite Frigini; Braulio Luna Filho; Rita Simone Moreira; Bruno Henrique Fiorin

    Objective: To describe the nurse’s role in patient care in AMI, point its performance in serving the patients with myocardial infarction in emergencies and identify the main Nursing Diagnoses. Method: This is a literature review through literature search in major electronic media of scientific dissemination, considering the papers published between the years 2011-2015, and official […]

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