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Special thanks to Professor Dr. Valmin Ramos da Silva

09.09.15 - 09:49

In this first edition of Salus magazine was included a special article, which in addition to contributing to the scientific enrichment of the launch edition, it aims to pay tribute to Professor Dr. Valmin Ramos da Silva.

The honored held the position of Research and Post graduation course Stricto Sensu Coordinator of Sciences College Santa Casa de Misericordia de Vitoria (EMESCAM), he also contributed to the scientific growth of the institution and was the great founder of Salus magazine, with his colleagues the professors Dr. Alvaro Carvalho Armando de Morais, Dr. Claudio Medina da Fonseca and Dr. Maria da Graça Silva Mattede.

Other people who also spared no efforts for the birth of this magazine joined this group of precursors. Salus will be a great source of contribution to expanding knowledge in healthcare. Prof. Valmin and other professors, here it is recorded EMESCAM eternal gratitude for this gift that is being given to the academy.

Dr. Flavio Takemi Kataoka
Director of EMESCAM

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