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Analysis of quality of life in patients with multiple sclerosis

Mariângela Braga Pereira Nielsen; Glesiane Justino Ferreira; Letícia Marotto; Nádia Iara Vieira dos Santos Ferreira

Received on 12 January 2018

Purpose: Characterize the epidemiological profile of patients with MS and verify the interference of physical therapy on quality of life of these individuals, analyzing the quality of life in patients with MS before and after physical therapy intervention. Method: Pre-and post-intervention physiotherapeutic evaluation was used with the application of the Functional Determination of Quality of Life Scale in the MS (DEFU). Results:  There was no statistically significant difference with respect to quality of life after 12 therapy sessions. It follows a longer intervention is required to parse as physical therapy interferes with the QOL of these patients.

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