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Influence of early mobilization in adult critical patients

Giovana Machado Souza Simões1; Priscila Rossi de Batista2; Marianne Pereira Pinto3

Received on 19 May 2017

Severe patient is considered to be an imminent risk of loss of life or organ function of the human body, as well as those in fragile clinical condition that require care in the Intensive Care Units (ICU), requiring the assistance of an interdisciplinary team, in which Physiotherapy is able to promote the preservation and functional recovery of human movement, minimizing complications of hospitalization. The main objective of this study is to know the influence of early mobilization through physical therapy in critical adult patients. Regarding material and methods, an integrative review of the literature of the last 5 years found in the PubMed, Lilacs and Scielo database was done. There were 10 studies related to early mobilization in critical adult patients hospitalized in ICU. The results indicated that early mobilization is a safe and viable technique, which reduces hospitalization time, mechanical ventilation, muscle weakness due to immobilization and, despite the benefits, presents limitations, insecurity related to the patient’s tubes and catheters. Many studies argue that early mobilization reduces the
deleterious effects of prolonged bed rest. The study concluded that early mobilization is a safe, affordable method that provides benefits to the patient. However, it has limitations in practice, such as the lack of professionals and the fear of disconnecting tubes and catheters.

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