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Health situation of Vitória / ES through electronic records of primary care: an epidemiological study

João Pedro Gonçalves Pacheco1; Ricardo Felipe Costa2; Henrique Ton Azevedo Giacomin3; Rodrigo Pratte-Santos4; Diana de Oliveira Frauches5

Received on 19 May 2017

This research aims to describe the health situation in Vitória / ES, in 2014, based on electronic records of primary care. As a methodology,
it were checked the frequency of care and the average number of visits per inhabitant according to sex, age group, income from the
neighborhood of residence and cause groups / subgroups proposed by the WHO, as well as the average number of visits per case, according
to the group / subgroup of Cause. The results indicated a predominance of female patients and the older age groups. Non-communicable
diseases were 71.98% of the cases; Infectious / parasitic, maternal, perinatal and nutritional 27.51% and injuries 0.5%, with differences
in the distribution according to sex, age group and income of the neighborhood of residence. It was concluded that care in primary care
in Vitória / ES reflects the epidemiological transition, with a double impact of chronic diseases in the elderly and infectious diseases in
young people. The results obtained are profitable to identify the health profile, as well as discrepancies of attendance in relation to gender,
age and income class.

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